Departure: Official hitchhikers stop Utrecht
Transport: Hitchhiking
Route: Utrecht, Hamburg, Utrecht
Chapter 337
2008 was a short trip and it was the first time we didnít start at the Flower Auction. Because we only had a few days off we decided to go to Germany, to either Hamburg or Berlin, cities we could reach within a day. A coinflip sent us hitchhiking to Hamburg. We spent almost the entire time in a suburb called St. Pauli where we got to know the people of Woolwill, a small clothing store with a silkscreen studio. After seeing some of our work, Marc, the owner of the store, asked us to make some T-shirt prints and even to do a small exhibition in his store later that year. This one week, our shortest trip so far, was a turningpoint in the way we approached our travelling and turned our trips into missions.