Departure: Aalsmeer Flower Auction
Duration: 11.07.09 till 01.08.09
Route: Aalsmeer, Malmö, Copenhagen, Prague, Hamburg, Amsterdam
Chapter 467
In 2009 we went along with Peter, a German truck driver that took us from Aalsmeer to Malmö. Peter was actually going to Oslo, but we decided to get out earlier to have an extra day on our trip. It turned out to be a great decision as we got out on the last day of the MöllevångsFestival, a beautiful festival that was scattered throughout the city into a hundred mini festivals. At the end of the night we strolled back to our hostel when we saw something that looked like a free-drinks-included-party. It turned out to be the opening of Galerie Makeriet, and the owners invited us back in November of that year for an exhibition on our trip.