Departure: 1st: Flower Auction (failed) 2nd: Amstelstation
Date: 12.07.10 till 02.08.10
Transport: Hitchhiking
Route: Aalsmeer, Amsterdam, Paris, Zürich, Genova, Verona, Hamburg, Amsterdam
Chapter 584
Since the last two trips resulted in having exhibitions in Hamburg and Malmö, there was some pressure to do the same trick in 2010. This was hard since the last two exhibitions just happened, without us even looking for it. In that sence it wasn’t really a surprise that actually putting effort into finding a gallery resulted in getting nothing in both Paris and Zürich. So when we arrived in Hamburg we decided to try something different and organized a small one day exhibition in a clothing store called Human Empire. We made some posters for the show that we put up in the city and made a small copyzine with pictures we made during the trip. During the exhibtion we made drawings for six hours straight and had a small vernissage after completing eighteen drawings. Having just a few days to prepare was a beautiful way to work, and it was good to see how much we could produce (and sell) in such a short amount of time.